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12th-Jul-2011 12:26 pm(no subject)
I'm going to try Darcy's Botanicals Organic Coconut & Aloe Moisture Pudding, b/c i love Oyin Shine and Define but want to try something different. Anyone used it?
10th-Jul-2011 08:34 am - Hair Petting
Natural hair & Coke
Have you ever had people touching your natural hair without asking for permission first? How do you react when that happens?
I’ve recently started to let my little mane free (long story short, technically I’ve always been natural, but I’ve only recently started to free myself from misconceptions and unrealistic expectations about my hair, which is why only now I can show my hair for what it really is without feeling deeply uncomfortable).

So, the first time I went to school rocking two-strand twists, all my classmates went “Oh, how beautiful!” and “Aww how cute!”, which was nice, and they all started to touch my hair, which was… not.

“Feels like wool!”Collapse )
(Crossed posted at naturalhair and longhurrs).
31st-May-2011 07:42 pm - Seasonal Shedding?
mark and bronson
Summer's just around the corner here in Earth's northern hemisphere, and my cat's shedding like the dickens all over furniture. But it got me wondering: Do humans go through seasonal sheds like other mammals do? I haven't changed my haircare routine much lately, but starting last month, I noticed I was shedding a little more than usual. This was after I noticed my ends had thickened up around December. The shedding seems to have slowed down a bit, and now I'm curious about the whole thing.

Have any of you noticed or experienced seasonal shedding? If so, how do you deal with it?
25th-May-2011 06:09 pm - Re-Introduction
jill scott
We could use this too. This comm needs more jolting! I have some free time so I'll be working to get some promotion and such.

Natural, Relaxed, Dreads, What? And why? How long have you been doing this?
What do you want see more of here?
25th-May-2011 06:06 pm - QOTD Ask Box
I figured this comm could use a question of the day.

We have a diversity of hair regimens, styles, and care here, so I figured we'd want to know more about each other. Do you have questions you would like to see the community answer? Post them here! Screening is on.
Natural hair & Coke
Okay, so my hair's not that long, but I thought I might try to post this here, too... Let me know if it's not okay!

X-posted at naturalhair.

So, on Sunday I’m going to go to my little brother’s First Communion.

And, I don’t know what to do with my hair.
I’m really new to all of this stuff. Not the ‘being natural’ thing (in fact, I have been natural for years) just the ‘you have to care for your hair’ thing.
Like, I <i>never</i> moisturized my hair. I didn’t know how to style it, so I always wore a ponytail.
Long story short, I didn’t know the first thing about the proper way to treat black natural hair.
But recently I started to read a few blogs about natural hair. I’ve bought a few products and started a new regimen. In a sort of way, I’m at the beginning of my journey!
I’m still <s>a little</s> very clueless about styles, though.
I tried two-strand flat twists and it was such an epic FAIL. (Even if the video I watched was SO clear. Really, I feel so dumb). They just wouldn’t come out.

Basically, all I can do right now it’s two-strand twists and bantu knots, and twist-out styles.
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26th-Apr-2011 05:49 am - No Poo?
Roode with Koala
Are any of you on a no shampoo/low shampoo routine?

I started one about four weeks ago and I love it. My dry scalp and dandruff problems are gone (AND I LOVE THAT). I still am not sure how often I should deep condition while I'm doing this; I'm kind of going by the feel of my hair. I have read so many different suggestions that my eyes are crossing.
19th-Apr-2011 04:18 pm - Protective Styles
mark and bronson
Longhurrs know that protective styles are key to achieving one's desired goal length. What's your favorite protective style? I ♥ buns. They're quick, easy, and super convenient.
17th-Apr-2011 04:52 pm(no subject)
i really like the smell of lush retread, but am completely uninterested in glopping that much propylene glycol on my head. i'm thinking of scenting jessicurl deep conditioner with something violet and calling it a day. anyone tried the jessicurl?
15th-Apr-2011 01:43 pm - Let's talk: HENNA
jill scott
Have any of you tried it? Not gonna lie, posted this to jolt the comm and because I'm seriously considering it.

Have some resources I'm reading at the moment. I'm mostly concerned about what color it will give me and if I'll like it...my grandma always liked my black hair, but I always felt tricked that I didn't get it between a redheaded dad and a mom with brown hair!
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