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12th-Apr-2011 08:18 pm - Now that livejournal is up...
jill scott
I wanted to refer you guys to bghlonline. It's my fave site for hair stuff at the moment, besides this one and naturalhair lol, and I love a lot about it. This comm owes a big debt to a lot of features we have and I'm hoping to start using once LJ stops being a flop.

Now, after that, I want to point you guys to Cipriana! There's 144 comments and there's a good reason why, because her hair is gorgeous and so is she! I really like her style.
7th-Apr-2011 02:52 pm - Haircare regimen
Hello longhurred beauties!

What is your haircare regimen? Are there any products you swear by?

I've been experimenting slightly with the products I use. I've been trying to go the ~natural~ route with regards to my products, but honestly my favorite product in my regimen, which has greatly lessened my breakage, has parabens and dye in it. Oh well.

My regimenCollapse )
5th-Apr-2011 09:38 pm - Welcome!
mark and bronson
Hello, everyone, and welcome to longhurrs, a community dedicated to POC (People of Color) who want to grow their hurrhair long. We welcome naturals, permies, and everyone else. As this community is geared specifically to POC, our focus is going to be on POC haircare.

Some of us are/were members at other longhair communities, and we felt as though our specific hair needs weren't being met since the majority of posters didn't have hair textures anywhere close to ours. Some of us are also members of communities like naturalhair. While naturalhair is a great resource (seriously, if you haven't already, trot on over there right now; they're fantastic), we recognize that many posters aren't focussed on growing their hair long. Out of respect for them and the spirit of the community, we decided to start a separate comm. longhurrs is the result.

Your mods:

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to message us. And if you want, introduce yourself below. :D

Welcome, everybody!
30th-Mar-2011 01:55 pm - Suggest-a-tag!
If there's a tag you think we need, suggest it here. Comments are screened.

Descriptions are in progress!

!mod post - Don't use this tag.
!promotion - Please contact mods before making a promotion post.
!suggest-a-tag - This tag is only for this entry.
!tag me please - Use this tag if you're unsure of what tag to use!.
anyone want this? - Guidelines for this is forthcoming, but this tag is for trades/giveaaways of products you found unsuccessful.
blowdried hair - For discussing blowdried/blowdrying hair.
community product review - These are mod posts about a popular product. They differ from member product reviews, detailed below.
discussion: general
discussion: products
discussion: styling
help: haircuts
help: products
help: purchasing
help: styling
media: pictures
media: video
member spotlight
natural hair
pressed hair
product review
relaxed hair
resource: forums
resource: video
resource: website
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